The Scramble Begins!

The Great Circumnavigation Scramble has begun!After loosing the house I built I felt pretty low, and with no job, money or place to live in Olympia I decided the only way to cheer myself up would be to circumnavigate the planet – or at least go to Denver.  So I shot my goat in the head, burnt the shack and headed away away far away.

There was a guy that killed a guy, some other wingnuts, and a Franciscan Friar who is having trouble not masturbating and serenaded me in his little car outside Sacramento.  Then with a clever cop-evasion where I made myself so inconceivably tiny as to be invisible, I rode the train a thousand miles from Reno to Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The stuff in between is all either very breathtaking, very cold, or on fire.  Now I’m at the Denver Public Library.  Shhh!  Be very quiet.

So the plan from here is a simple one – go around the world.  Will I succeed?  Probably not- I spent $4.50 yesterday which is roughly 3% of my total operating budget, which doesn’t bode well, but somewhere on the east coast there are Christmas trees to be sold and fortunes to be made… I might just have a shot.

The Great Journey may well be headed to a town near you- all destinations east are firmly in my sights and your couches and floors will be commandeered for the cause.  Especially precious would be any information regarding jobs, hustles or hidden jewels anywhere in between here and… here.Adios, Amigos!  I’ll see you on the road!

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