22,500 Miles


To Recap:     Freight trains around America, hustled money selling Christmas trees, doing medical study and joining a carnival, boat over an Ocean.  Hitchhiked across Spain, family vacation.

To Expand:   Sloppy drunkenly roadied for the Spectres Europe tour, pilgramaged to squated utopia of Christiania, epic viking adventures, then hitchhiked 2,500 miles through the mighty Kingdom of Thor.  Retraced the young wanderings of my father through endless pristine acrtic wilderness to a rugged island high off the Northern coast of Norway- where the Sun never set and I collected Sea shells.  Then back on train- European high speed freight- slicing the continent from Scandanavia South to Milan.  Via Swiss Alps.  Got job wrangling goats in the idylic wonderland of central Italy’s Apennine Mountains.

To the Future:  I build this crazy wagon contraption out of a shopping cart and I’m gonna ride it through the Balkan Mountains to Istanbul.


3 thoughts on “22,500 Miles

  1. Lead on, oh fearless wanderer! More specifics would be appreciated, if you have the inclination. Try to stay safe. please!

  2. The map is stunning, Walker. The world is a big place and you’re physically taking more in that most of us could even imagine! And I agree with Andy: we NEED you (your friends, your family, complete strangers) and more important to us than anything fantastic tale is to know you’re healthy in mind, body, and spirit. And by gum, you ARE! Go forth, love the world (as you do) and let it love you (as it does). Can’t wait for the next installment! Love, Mom

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