A Pause for Stars…

Nomadic star lore of the Turkic people on the Steppe:  Seven wolves steal the moon.   A spinning portal to the afterlife, the higher self, mystic and profound.  Other worlds accessed in stars, and I stand on a quite edge of town staring into the jeweled night.  Worries of money and miles fade, great epics play out in the sky above…    But maybe I was too absorbed.  Too entranced.   Suddenly, grabbed from behind!  Flashlights in my face and hands in my pockets.  “Policia policia!”  “Hey that’s my money, asshole!”  “No it isn’t, go home!”

Damn.  Robbed.  By four cops.  Standard Central Asian proceedure, but it still feels like shit.  “Did they show you their badges?” a friend asked.  “No!  They showed me their batons!”

Jeesh, can’t a guy catch a break?  Actually, I have some tricks up my sleeves…

One thought on “A Pause for Stars…

  1. Really?! Darn! That sounds terrifying!! Lilly says, “That’s just wrong!”

    I’m glad you had a friend with whom to debrief. Sounds like a place to travel with a tightly-knit group of comrades…

    I am glad you saw some fabulous-sounding stars in a dark night sky.

    All the best on your path,

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