Boxcars home over the Cascades Summit crowned the best, worst, longest, hardest, funnest and most terrifying trip of my life.    Every superlative applies.

I’m eager to get on with other things for a change, but a few important words before I go (or stay, rather):

Thanks world.  Thanks for one hell of a trip.

Thanks for flocks of sheep in the Caucus Mountains, Tibetan yaks and a Balkan Fox.   Crow feathers whistling in bike spray.  Here’s to the gardeners speaking forty different languages, forest canopies, and 24 lonely train songs.        Barren deserts, city squats, tropical jungles and arctic sun.                Cold wind.             Ocean Stars.

Hundreds of camp sites and coworkers around the world.

I’ll always remember fourteen good shoes and the two feet that shredded em.  Hats off to one good hat.   One donkey, two good bikes and a canoe.

Here’s to the good people who traveled with me:  You know who you are.    You’re family.   Live hard, ride free:  If you don’t see me tomorrow; know I died as I pleased.

Thanks to well over 300 total, random strangers from every corner of the globe who pulled over to give me a lift.   Everywhere I’ve gone I’ve been showered with meals, stories, drinks, and all the tea in China.  Strangers is strange lands handed me keys to their homes.  One guy bought me a Persian rug.  You opened up your families to me; your Gods and your lives.  We laughed together.   Thank you so much for literally keeping me going.

Warm stoves on cold nights and showering away tropical blaze.  And then you poured me more tea.

Most of all Boxcar Love to the Curve:  25 Moons, and one Rising Sun.

Thank you.      Muchos Gracias.       Merci, Danke schön.     Tusen Takk.    Grazie.  Hvala.      Teşekkür Ederim,  Spas,  Didi Madlobt.    Teşekkülar.  Raxmet,  Spasiba, Kop Rakhmat.             Xièxie.  Thuk-je-che.       Khawp Jai Li Li, Akun Sheran,  Cám ơn.            Terima Kasih Banyak.    Much love.


-S.B.              EBD ’12-’14


One thought on “BOXCAR LOVE

  1. You are still welcome to the key I set out for you to our house: mi casa es su casa
    Seriously. If you ever need a warm bed, a hot shower, healthy food, and / or a fully stocked bar, you know where to come. We are SO HAPPY that you made it safely home. The grandest Circumnavigation of all time. Epic. Your
    ‘Pirate Party’, with the merging of the waters from the Mekong with “the water that makes Olympia’ was a profound experience. Again, we are so happy that you are back home in Olympia. Delighted and so proud of your accomplishments and your tenacity.

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