Train Song

Nearing the one year anniversary of returning home, I am pleased to announce the sale of a book I wrote, Train Song.  This is part one of my round-the-world epic, and focuses on the journey’s first 6 months spent riding trains, hitchhiking, and working around North America.  Its a good book, and would also make a great gift.  Thanks for supporting me, enjoy!


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$10 + $4 shipping and handling.   Or find me and I’ll sell you one for $10.  Or equivalent trade.  Its in some book stores, too, but you’ll just have to figure out which ones.


4 thoughts on “Train Song

    • Hi Jennifer! I remember that book, I wrote him a note saying it was from you. He never received it? I wonder what happened… At the 24th Ave address? Confirm the address with me ( and I’ll send another one.

      Sorry about that!

      • Hi. It’s 710 W. 24th Ave., Eugene, OR 97405. It seems odd that if it didn’t get there it wasn’t returned. But he said he never saw it. Thanks for sending another one. I know he’ll love it. And when we get somewhere with a mailing address, I’ll order one for me, too

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